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IL Colosseo Restaurant & Bar


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Pesce (Seafood)

Crab Cake over Tri Color Salad
$45.00 Small $90.00 Large

Filet Sole Grandmanier
Market Price

Salmon Sambuca
over sautéed Spinach
$55.00 Small $110.00 Large

Red Snapper Livonese with Onions, Capers, Olives, Basilico in a Light Sauce
$55.00 Small $110.00 Large

Calamari fra Diablo or Marinara
$50.00 Small $100.00 Large

Scungilli fra Diablo or Marinara
$45.00 Small $90.00 Large

Flounder Francaise or Marechiaro
Market Price

Fra Diablo, Parmigiana, Marinara & Francaise
Market Price

Salmon Prato Verde
Grilled Salmon w/ asparagus & Roasted Peppers in Pesto Sauce
$55.00 Small $110.00 Large

Snapper Mediterranean
with Asparagus, Sliced Potato in a Light Marinara Sauce
Market Price

Salmon Dijonaise
in Mustard Sauce
$55.00 Small $110.00 Large

Tuna Putanesca
Market Price

Risotto Pescatore
Mix fish selection in Light Marinara Sauce
$70.00 Small $140 Large

Camberi alla Portofino
Shrimp wrapped w/ Bacon in Scampi Sauce
Market Price

Stuffed Flounder
w/ Crabmeat in light Wine Sauce
$70.00 Small $140.00 Large

Zuppa di Pesce Mix Seafood
with Clams, Mussels, Shrimp, Calamari over Linguini
$65.00 Small $130 Large

Lobster Tail fra Diablo
Market Price

Market Price

Tilapia Livornese
$50.00 Small $65.00 large

Mussels Marinara
$23.00 Small $49.00 large

Mussel Al Verde
$29.00 Small $45.00 large

Shrimp Stuffed with crabmeat
Market Price

Clams Oreganata or Casino
$60.00 Small $70.00 large

Asian Calamari
$57.00 Small $97.00 large


Chicken Madonna
Stuffed with Crabmeat, Fresh Mozzarella, Asparagus, Eggplant, Shitaki Mushrooms
$65.00 Small $130.00 Large

Chicken Quattro Gusti
Prosciutto, Artichoke, Mushrooms, Onion In White Wine Sauce
$55.00 Small $110.00 Large

Chicken Ponte Vecchio
Chicken Breast, French Beans, Onions, Crabmeat, Fresh Tomato, Mozzarella & Sherry White Wine
$55.00 Small $110.00 Large

Chicken Francaise, Marsala, Parmigiana
$55.00 Small $95.00 Large

Chicken Rollatini
Rolled with Spinach, Mushrooms, Sun dried Tomato In White Wine Sauce
$55.00 Small $95.00 Large

Chicken Saltimbucca
Prosciutto, Spinach and Mozzarella
$55.00 Small $110.00 Large

Chicken Royale
Stuffed w/ Lobster tail in Pink Brandi sauce
Market Price

Chicken Fantasia
Peas, Fresh Tomato, Onions, Mushrooms, Melted Cheese in White wine sauce
$50.00 Small $100.00 Large

Chicken Primavera
Vegetables Selections
$55.00 Small $95.00 Large

Chicken Savoia
Roasted Peppers, Onions, Mushrooms, Balsamic Vinegar Sauce w/ Mozzarella
$55.00 Small $110.00 Large

Chicken Milanese
Breaded topped with chopped salad
$35.00 Small $70.00 Large

Chicken Fingers and French Fries
$40.00 Small $55.00 large

Chicken Cacciatore
Celery, carrots, capers
$40.00 Small $75.00 large

Veal - Pork - Beef

Veal Setti Colli
with artichokes hearts, peanut & mushrooms in White wine sauce.
$70.00 Small $130.00 Large

Veal Valdostano
Stuffed with prosciutto, mozzarella and mushrooms in port wine sauce.
$70.00 Small $130.00 Large

Veal Etna
Topped with shrimp, roasted peppers and mozzarella in brandy sauce.
$80.00 Small $140.00 Large

Traditional Style Veal
Francaise, Parmigiana, Piccatta & Milanese.
$65.00 Small $120.00 Large

Veal Ponte Vechio
with French beans, fresh tomato, onion, crabmeat and mozzarella.
$70.00 Small $130.00 Large

Vitello alla Luciano
Veal topped w/ arugula salad (Specified Grilled Breaded).
$65.00 Small $120.00 Large

Veal alla Disperata
Sautéed with pepperoncini pepper, white wine & plum tomato.
$65.00 Small $120.00 Large

Veal Saltimbocca
with prosciutto, spinach, mozzarella & cherry white sauce.
$65.00 Small $120.00 Large

Veal Sorrentina
with spinach & mozzarella.
$65.00 Small $120.00 Large

Steak Pizzaiola
Pan seared steak with peppers, mushrooms, onions with light tomato Sauce.
$60.00 Small $110.00 Large

Beef Stroganoff
Grounded beef, mushrooms, onions & egg noodles in a creamy red wine tomato sauce.
$45.00 Small $80.00 Large

Isabella Pork Fruit
Marinated pork medallions with mix fruit.
$55.00 Small $110.00 Large

Sausage & Peppers
Italian pork sauce with onions & peppers cooked in a light marinara sauce.
$40.00 Small $70.00 Large

Beef Burgundy
Sliced top round with garden vegetables in a burgundy wine sauce.
$50.00 Small $90.00 Large

Pork Giambotta
Sausage, onions, peppers and mushrooms.
$70.00 Small $140 Large


Mix Vegetables
$17.00 Small $30.00 Large

String Beans with Almonds
$15.00 Small $33.00 Large

Sautéed Spinach
$25.00 Small $54.00 Large

Roasted Red Potato
$13.00 Small $25.00 Large

Mashed Potato
$13.00 Small $24.00 Large

Baked Potato
$13.00 Small $23.00 Large

French Fries
$13.00 Small $23.00 Large

Sautéed Broccoli
$16.00 Small $35.00 Large

Eggplant Rolatini
$35.00 Small $40.00 Large

Polenta Al Verde
$19.00 Small $25.00 Large

Stuffed Mushrooms
$35.00 Small $60.00 Large

Sicilian Rice balls
Rice ball stuffed with meat with tomato sauce and green peas.
$3.00 each

Cold Cuts $65.00


Half Tray $40.00

$2.00 each

Italian Assorted Cookies

Fruit of the Season

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